Fiber optic gyro (FOG) High performance – Tough environments

Visby Sea Giraffe
RBS 15


For naval mounted guns, sights, weapon stations and antennas, stability is a key. Saab’s Fiber Optic Gyros, FOG, are designed to provide maximum stabilization in tough environments. They feature solid-state, low-drift, high shock usability, small size and short start-up time and are available as basic single axis FOG sensor, 1, 2 and 3-axis solutions with analogue or digital outputs.

Basic design

The Saab FOG sensor is a fiber optic ring interferometer comprising fiber coil, phase modulator, two fused fiber optic couplers, fiber optic polarizer, super-luminescent light module and photo receiving module with pre-amplifier. The electronic part is a processing PCB that converts the optical module output into rate proportional voltages.


FOG adaptation to requirements

In addition to offering and selling standard configurations a typical procedure for Saab is to design complete rate gyro solutions by adapting our sensors and our modular electronics to customer requirements. The basic configuration data-sheets available as downloads are examples of standard configurations which could be modified to different customer requirements.


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  • Solid state
  • Short start up time
  • High sensitivity
  • Low drift
  • Low noise
  • High bandwidth
  • High shock usability
  • Small size
  • No ITAR restrictions


  • Gun stabilisation
  • Remote Weapon Station stabilisation
  • Sight stabilisation
  • Antenna stabilisation