SME-50, SME-150 and SME-250 Surface tactical ESM and ELINT systems


High confidence situational awareness

Naval decision makers commanding surface vessels require high confidence in their situational awareness with respect to radar emissions for their sea-going assets. This awareness becomes absolutely crucial for mission fulfilment and, ultimately, for vessel survival.


The SME family consists of a range of compact, high performance tactical ESM and ELINT systems capable of meeting today’s stringent operational EW requirements. Different configurations, suitable for installation on all surface platforms, are available.

Know what’s out there

The system signal analysis capability is maintained in dense signal environments. Refinement of parameters is available in the fine analysis mode where intra-pulse modulation, scan pattern and inter-pulse analysis can be performed.


Multi-path and broadband CW immunity provides vessels with enhanced detection capability especially when operated in the littoral warfare environment.


The SME uses library files to classify and identify intercepted signals. There are ELINT analysis functions for intelligence gathering and powerful post-mission analysis of raw and event recordings.

Operating an EW system from Saab makes you independent. We can provide you with the means to create and maintain your EW library. Saab offers design support for optimum placement of antennas for best antenna isolation.


The SME systems have also been integrated with the Naval Laser Warning System (NLWS) providing a combined human machine interface.


Moreover, SME has been integrated with the MASS Decoy System providing soft-kill solutions with short reaction times.

The SME range of systems provides for extensive BIT, ensuring quick identification of failures. Due to the modular design, most maintenance activities are easy.