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Saab in-service solutions


Radar cost of ownership will depend on how well maintenance support, supply management, engineering support, obsolescence management and training activities are organised. Changes in the strategic context will make military demands on radar solution availability vary over time.


Unless flexible and cost-effective solutions can be found, product support managers risk over-dimensioning spare parts, associated facilities and staff to cater for the anticipated maximum level of availability demanded.

Saab In-Service Solutions addresses these very needs for flexibility and cost-effectiveness throughout the entire radar life cycle. Saab offers flexible support solutions in partnership that: 

  • Have been proven to deliver 98.5% long-term mission availability

  • Remove 100% of real-life risks related to cost of ownership

  • Reduce cost of ownership through sharing of resources

  • Include optional upgrades to evolve your capabilities

  • Are currently contracted by more than 20 customers worldwide

Saab In-Service Solutions will not only maintain but also develop operational capability throughout the entire lifecycle.