Giraffe ELSS UAV detection and tracking


The UAV threat challenges conventional force protection. It jeopardises critical operations and threatens vital assets. Building on a strong force protection track record and GBAD tradition, Saab can now offer functionality to detect even the very small, commonly available UAVs.

Both civilian and military use of UAVs is increasing. Along with these systems improved endurance and ability to carry payloads, they pose an evolving threat to military operations and key infrastructure. In order to secure freedom of movement and safety of own troops it is vital to be able to detect these threats.

Conventional radar systems usually have problems with detecting and tracking small UAVs operating at slow speeds and, even if detected, distinguishing them from birds and other elements in the surrounding environment.

Saab offers the Giraffe ELSS (Enhanced Low, Slow and Small) function, capable of coping with the challenges of the UAV threat. It detects and tracks even small/mini-UAVs, with a false alarm rate reduced to an absolute minimum.