CBRN Sampling equipment Dynamic field sampling collection kit

CBRN Sampling


Saab´s CBRN/TIM Sampling Kit and Advanced Sampling Equipment are dynamic solutions for forensic and tactical sampling.

The CBRN Sampling Equipment is a man-portable case with a selected range of sampling equipment. It provides first responders with all the tools they need to conduct efficient, proper and secure field collection of all types of chemical, biological and radiological agents.

CBRN/TIM sampling kit

A dynamic field sampling collection kit designed for first responders (emergency responders), military or other operational personell to take samples of chemical, biological and radiological agents, including toxins and other toxic industrial materials.

Advanced sampling equipment

A dynamic sampling kit designed for forensic and tactical sampling based on NATO sampling regulations, e.g. AEP 49, AEP 10 and AEP 66 (draft).