CBRN AWR System Automatic warning and reporting


Minimise CBRN effects with sensors deployed on stationary units, vehicles and personnel. Exchange real-time warnings and reports between forces and HQ with Saab´s CBRN AWR system.


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Early warnings are key

The Saab CBRN Automatic Warning and Reporting (AWR) System, which consist of both hardware and software, is designed to provide early warnings to units and personnel on the battlefield. The decision support module helps the operator make fast and accurate decisions, which is a key factor in limiting the effects of CBRN threats.

Provides a consolidated threat picture

The Saab CBRN AWR System is unique in that it integrates detection, identification, monitoring, warning and reporting. It negates the need for specialist CBRN personnel to be employed widely throughout the operational forces, reducing training and personnel management costs.

Any type of sensor

The system can use virtually any type of sensor-meteorological, chemical, biological, radiological, positioning or video, to mention a few - from any manufacturer. It is based on a modular and open architecture that allows users to change sensor configuration over time in response to changing threats. All units, from fixed and mobile to the soldier system, are fully integrated.