Our thinking edge pushes the boundaries of aerial supremacy

It’s our thinking that makes the biggest difference; thinking that’s innovative, collaborative and pragmatic. And it’s the products and solutions that emerge from our thinking that give us a distinct advantage over our competitors - our thinking edge.


We are Gripen

Gripen wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for our talented people. Fuelled by our thinking edge in every stage of the development of Gripen, people work with challenging and exciting tasks at the forefront of technology. Here you will meet some of the people behind Gripen who shares their stories of working with Gripen – The Smart Fighter.

Aircraft mechanic

The Gripen final assembly consists of three stations and as an aircraft mechanic like Maritza, her job rotates around this stations in order to build the Gripen fighter.


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Test pilot

Test pilots say they have the best job in the world. What do you think? Listen to Mikael as he tells you how it is to evalutate and test the Gripen fighter.


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System engineer

Technical challenges is something you face very often as an system engineer. Especially if you are building the best avionics platform there is for the Gripen fighter.


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Assembly operator

Julia is an assembly operator, building the center fuselage on Gripen. Here she tells how she started her career and what an assembly operator does.


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