Fighter System

Gripen defends a nation’s people: but also understands the need to defend the nation’s freedom to act. When you buy it, you are free to decide your own allegiances and actions, both nationally and internationally.

National security

Industrial growth

Superior mission systems

Operational availability

Life cycle management

Cost efficiency

In control of your future

Gripen doesn’t just protect your independence in the air. When you buy Gripen, it belongs to you: which gives you flexibility over political allegiances and how you act, both nationally and internationally. With Gripen as a tool of your national policy, you are in control of your future.


Gripen spreads growth and brings economic benefits for wider society. It encourages collaborative industrial partnerships with a customer’s local defence contractors, by sharing technology and integrates with existing systems, and brings inward investments from companies outside the defence sector.


With a genuine multi-role, swing-role fi ghter, you don’t need multiple aircraft types: because one can do it all. But Gripen’s sheer versatility is more than matched by the superiority of its mission systems.


There is little point in investing in a fighter if it’s not in the air when you need it. That’s why Gripen is designed to spend as little time as possible in the hangar, and as much time as possible in the air.


Gripen is designed with the future firmly in mind. It is designed for continuous upgrading to reflect new combat challenges: but you control the path, pace and progress of the upgrade programme.


Gripen has value for money built into it. Costs are clear at the outset – and predictable throughout the life cycle.  It adapts to work with your existing military technology and communications systems. Gripen is versatile, reliable and cost-effective: protecting your defence budget as well as your citizens.

Gripen C-series

Gripen C is the backbone of several air forces around the world today. It’s a modern multi-role fighter aircraft, achieving a perfect balance between excellent operational performance, high-tech solutions, cost-efficiency and industrial partnership. It is designed to meet customer needs by countering a wide range of existing and future threats, while simultaneously meeting their strict requirements for flight safety, reliability, training efficiency and low operating costs. It is also the first fighter system with full integration of the Meteor Beyond Visual Range Air-to-Air Missile. Built for full NATO interoperability, Gripen C has successfully participated in NATO-led operations as well as numerous exercises and air policing assignments.

Gripen C/D

Using the latest technology, Gripen C/D is capable of performing an extensive range of air-to-air, air-to-surface and reconnaissance missions employing the latest weapons.

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Gripen Aggressor

Gripen Aggressor is based on the proven Gripen C-series and is the ultimate platform for the adversary air combat training market. Gripen Aggressor brings a unique mix of high performance, mission flexibility and availability combined with a low life cycle cost.

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Gripen E-series

Developed to counter and defeat advanced future threats Gripen E-series is for customers with more pronounced threats or wider territories to secure. The E-series has a new and more powerful engine, improved range performance and the ability to carry greater payloads. It also has a new AESA-radar, InfraRed Search and Track system, highly advanced electronic warfare and communication systems together with superior situational awareness. The E-series redefines air power for the 21st century by extending operational capabilities.

Gripen E/F

Based on the proven C/D platform, the Gripen E/F carry this heritage and continues to be one of the most advanced multi-role fighters in the world.

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Gripen Maritime

Saab is establishing Gripen Maritime as its new generation carrier-based fighter for the future. Featuring all the capabilities of the Gripen E, it will be the world’s most technologically advanced fighter in this category.

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Always combat ready

The key to operational effect is to get fighters airborne when needed. That’s why Gripen is designed to make sure that availability is maximized at all times. Gripens quickly deploy for operations with few personnel and minimum equipment. A Gripen force can also operate from a road strip of only 16 x 800 metres. In the film below you will get more information what makes Gripen always combat ready.