The importance of Gripen for the Brazilian Air Force

Being able to stay relevant in a fast-changing world is just one of the many advantages of the modern Gripen fighter. For the Brazilian Air Force, Gripen meets all the requirements for the country to be in control of their airspace and guarantee national sovereignty. In the first episode of True Collaboration season 3, the Brazilian Defence Minister and a few Brazilian officials, emphasize on the responsibilities that Gripen will undertake for a more secure Brazil.

"The Gripen project is very important for us as it will meet one of our most critical requirements, which is the airspace control of the 22 million sq kms of which the Brazilian Air Force is responsible for," says Fernando Azevedo e Silva, Brazilian Minister of Defence.
The partnership between the countries which the Gripen programme has brought about, has also been invaluable for both sides. For Brazil, the collaboration has meant an effective transfer of technology, new employment opportunities, and development of the defence industry.