SwAF Gripens Fly Along NATO Allies

Two Swedish Gripens, along with aircraft from allied partners like Belgian and Polish F-16 fighters and Finnish F-18 fighters, carried out air drills over Baltic sea on 20-21 April. There were also two other partners and a NATO E-3A AWACS plane joining the exercise.

The aim of the Ramstein Alloy 20-1 was to practice procedures and enhance coordination among the allies and partners. On the first day of the exercise, they practiced procedures following a COMLOSS (Communication Loss) situation where a pilot loses communication with the civilian Air Traffic Control. It is a scenario that happens frequently in the airspace over all Allies. 

“It was a perfect execution of our collective plans,” said the Ramstein Alloy leader planner at the Combined Air Operations Centre in Uedem, Germany. “We virtually flew all our sorties and achieved all the objectives, making this first day of the exercise a full success,” he added.

On the second and the last day of the exercise, the aircraft practiced coordination procedures during cross-border operations and quick reaction alert drills. While the Polish F-16 aircraft and the Finnish F-18 fighters conducted air-to-air combat training in Estonian airspace, the SwAF Gripens and the Belgian F-16 conducted the same over Lithuania. 

The Ramstein Alloy exercise, just like the former Baltic Region Training events that took place from 2008 to 2015, have given allies and partners an opportunity to practice interoperability and coordination through its realistic live-fly scenarios.

“With exercise Ramstein Alloy 20-1, we have offered valuable live-fly training to our Allies executing Baltic Air Policing - Belgium and Poland - and our regional Partners Finland and Sweden,” said the CAOC Uedem lead planner.

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