SwAF Gripens and French Rafales Conduct a Joint Exercise

A few weeks back, Swedish Gripens and French Rafales carried out a joint exercise in Sweden, reports Forsvarsmakten.se.

According to the report, the exercise was aimed at increasing interoperability between the European nations to be prepared to meet different kinds of challenges in an uncertain future. 

The exercise was held in the Danish airspace (west of Jutland) on day one and in the Swedish airspace on day two. Besides the Rafales, French aircraft carrier - Charles De Gaulle also participated in the exercise. The Swedish Gripen pilots had to attack this ship during one of the missions. A French Grumman E-2C Hawkeye aircraft supported the four participating Gripens during this attack.

“The collaboration went very well, and the exercise was carried out with good results,” says Johan Jeppsson from TU JAS, the tactical development department for Swedish Gripens.

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