Saab Fully Acquires Atmos Sistemas For Permanent Gripen Support

Saab and Brazilian company Atmos Sistemas signed a contract for a 100% acquirement of the latter on April 6th. Atmos Sistemas has been one of the beneficiaries of the Brazilian Gripen Programme alongside other Brazilian companies such as Embraer, Inbra, Akaer, AEL Sistemas, Atech and more. The company, which is currently operating in São Paulo, is responsible for component maintenance of the Gripen's sensor systems, such as radar and electronic warfare equipment.

“This is a strong commitment to the support capacity of Gripen throughout its life cycle. It reduces risks under the Brazilian Gripen Program, increasing the availability of spare parts and reducing delivery times," says Ellen Molin, Vice President Senior and head of the Support and Services business area. “This will help ensure an economical maintenance solution for Gripen in Brazil, as well as an excellent level of availability for the complete weapon system,” she adds.

Atmos Sistemas, which will now be changed to Saab Sensores e Serviços do Brasil (Saab Sensors and Services Brazil), is a specialized services company that has the ability to develop new support capabilities in the civil and defense markets. The company is also responsible for in-country component maintenance for the sensor and radar systems, and the electronic warfare suite.

According to Molin, the acquisition is in line with Saab's long-term goal of growing in Brazil. "This was an excellent opportunity to establish the Support and Services business area at Saab in Brazil and means that we can now offer a broader scope of products and services in the civil and defense fields in Brazil,” Molin further added.

From the Atmos' perspective, the company is happy to join the Saab family. "The capabilities and the highly skilled staff within the company, combined with Saab's solid and extensive experience, will enable Atmos to expand and grow," says the current CEO of Atmos, Mr. Fabio Fukuda.

Read the press release here.