Next Generation Threats Need Something More Potent Like the Gripen E: Mats Helgesson

In a recent interview by Siivet Wings, former Commander of Swedish Air Force, Mats Helgesson talks about the importance of cooperation between Sweden and Finland and how Gripen can enhance that cooperation.

“Since we operate in the same geographical area, we have the same sort of climate and threats. Of course we need to cooperate,” he says.

As Gripen has been designed to withstand cold and harsh weather conditions like that of Finland, Sweden, and Canada, it makes it one of the strongest contenders in the Finnish HX fighter program. The Gripen E offer to Finland comprises of the Meteor missile, latest range of radars and sensors, and the Electronic Warfare System (EW System).

“We already do great red flags and international exercises but in order to meet the next generation of threats, we need to have something even more potent, and that’s the Gripen E,” he adds.

Watch the full video here.