HunAF Gripens Takes Part in a Unique Formation Flight

Two HunAF Gripens flew side by side with an Antonov AN-26, an Airbus A-319 and a Falcon 7X in a special convoy few days ago. Spotters were able to watch the unique formation which happened to be a training flight. According to a report by , the flight required a complete focus and high concentration for the pilots to coordinate with each other. The YouTube video captures the pilots of the different aircraft in action.  

The flight was later confirmed by Lieutenant General Xénia Sausev, the communication officer of the 59th Szentgyörgyi Dezső Air Base of the Hungarian Armed Forces who stated that "such a formation has not been presented in Hungary so far."

For over a decade, the Hungarian Gripens have been associated with many milestones achieved by the Hungarian Air Force. Completing 14 years of operations in Hungary, the fighters have been performing as expected – defending the Hungarian airspace 24*7, conducting joint operations and exercises and carrying out missions as a NATO member.