Wing 2 partners with Anápolis University for Gripen training

Air Wing 2, located in Anápolis, has partnered with Faculty of UniEvangélica to support the physical training of F-39 Gripen, reports Initiated by the Aeronautics Sports Commission (CDA) along with Saab, the objective of this training is to physically prepare future pilots to fly in supersonic speed. 

“This preparation is a milestone for our operation,” says Wing 2 Commander, Colonel Aviator Antonio Marcos Godoy Soares Mioni Rodrigues. “With the KC-390 and the arrival of the Gripen aircraft, we will have the latest military transport as well as fighter aircraft here in Anapolis,” added Rodrigues.

Iransé Oliveira Silva, the Director of the University's Physical Education Course also gave a gist of the multidisciplinary training that will help future pilots face the force of gravity while flying in supersonic speed. “We know what the force of gravity does to the pilot and we understand that physical preparation can minimize the effects of gravitational force on the body. The experiences we have in other areas here at the institution will be of maximum contribution to the pilots’ physical preparation,” he said.

Other aspects of the physical training will also involve assistance from the Motion Analysis Laboratory and the Laboratory of Respiratory and Sleep Physiology.

“We rejoice in these partnerships because the advantages go to the classroom and beyond,” said Carlos Hassel, the Rector of UniEvangélica.

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