SwAF Gripens Participate in Ruska 19

SwAF Gripens from the Norrbotten Air Force Wing (F 21) recently participated in Ruska 19, an annual Finnish national defense exercise. While the exercise was conducted between 1st and 10th October 2019, the Swedish units participated only between 4th and 8th October. More than 50 aircraft and about 4,500 people were a part of the exercise.

Ruska 19 is a part of the bilateral Finnish-Swedish defence cooperation. The exercise is conducted in both Finnish and Swedish airspace. Participating Gripens, which mainly operated from Kuopio Air Base in Finland and Luleå Air Base in Sweden, played the roles of both defending and adversary units during the exercise.

The newly appointed Swedish Air Force Commander Carl-Johan Edström also paid a visit at the exercise. "It is a very good exercise where we can practice joint tactical mission tasks under realistic conditions, something that will also help develop the Swedish national defense," he said.

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