SwAF Gripen E Debuts at the Swedish Defense Forces Flight Day 2019

This year's Swedish Armed Forces Flight Day, which was held on August 25th at Kallinge, was very special because it featured an aerial display by the new SwAF Gripen E designated 39-9.
In fact this was not just Gripen E’s first performance at a flight show, but also the first time it left its airbase in Linköping. The fighter was flown by none other than renowned Gripen test pilot Robin Nordlander.
According to Svt NYHETER, the event was visited by thousands of spectators, most of which had come to witness the new Gripen E’s first aerial display. The event, aimed at showcasing the capabilities of the Swedish Air Force, was hosted by Blekinge Air Force Wing, also known as the F 17. Besides Gripen E’s first airshow performance, visitors of the event also got an opportunity to watch flight displays by Gripen C that included solo displays, group formation flights, and combat displays among other things.
39-9 is Saab’s second Gripen E test aircraft which flew for the first time last year on 26th November.