Saab inaugurates first Gripen development simulator installed outside of Sweden

Saab, together with its Brazilian partners like Embraer, Atech, and AEL Sistemas, recently inaugurated Brazil's first Systems Rig (S-rig) Gripen simulator at the Gripen Design and Development Network (GDDN), at the Embraer plant, located in Gavião Peixoto, São Paulo State. This is the first Gripen simulator to be installed outside of Sweden and is a part of the Sweden-Brazil technology transfer program.

The new simulator will enable GDDN to conduct more development projects in Brazil.

The simulator will play an important role in the Gripen development at GDDN; it will be used for development tests and verification of systems, sub-systems and functionalities of the aircraft. The systems rig will be compatible with systems developed by Saab, Embraer, Atech, and other partners at the GDDN. 

The simulator will also support the activities of the Gripen Flight Test Center (GFTC) which will be installed at GDDN in 2020.

“The simulator is an important development tool that will enable engineers to test new software and other functions, while also enabling pilots to prepare for flight tests by conducting tests on the platform prior to the actual flight,” said Mikael Franzén, head of the Gripen Brazil business unit at Saab’s business area Aeronautics.

Even after the fighters are developed and delivered in the following years, the Gripen simulator will remain instrumental in the development and assessment of new functionalities (for the fighter) such as integration of new weapons and upgraded software configuration.

Read the press release here.