HunAF Gripen Impresses Visitors at AIRPOWER19

On 6th and 7th September, a Hungarian Air Force Gripen presented an action-packed performance for the visitors of the AIRPOWER19. Also known as Austria’s largest air show, AIRPOWER19 was held at the Hinterstoisser airbase in Zeltweg, Styria.

Gripen’s performance, as seen in the video, was breathtaking, filled with gleaming flares and stunning intricate aerobatics. The flight draws to an end with the pilot smiling and waving at the viewers - a sign of a great show!

Despite the rains, the show was perfectly executed as expected and attracted over 185,000 visitors. Apart from the HunAF Gripens, the show had around 200 other aircraft - including historic aircraft like Saab J-35 Draken - from over 20 participating nations on both ground and air display.