Gripen to participate in Europe's largest live air exercises ACE 2019

The Swedish Air Force with their Gripen fighters will be participating in the fourth ACE flying exercise, reports The biennial event will be hosted by the Swedish, Finnish, and Royal Norwegian Air Forces from 27th May to 4th June 2019. This year’s exercise will be conducted from Rovaniemi in Finland, Kallax in Sweden and Bodø and Ørland in Norway and will be led by the Swedish Air Force. Apart from the three hosting nations, ACE 19 will see participations from Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Denmark, the United States, and NATO.

Besides multi-role fighter aircraft, other transport and liaison aircraft, aerial refuelling tankers, airborne warning and control system aircraft, and transport and search & rescue helicopters will also be participating in ACE 19.
Held under NORDEFCO (a collaboration among the Nordic countries in the area of defense), the joint exercise aims at enabling participating units to practice safe and effective combat training amidst dissimilar aircraft and improving interoperability by adopting NATO procedures.