Behind the scenes at a Czech Gripen air base

Did you know? It is crucial for a multi-role fighter like Gripen to pass a mega pit-stop and go through a complete overhaul after completing 200 flying hours. This is to ensure that the aircraft doesn’t face any complications in its upcoming missions. While we always talk about missions and pilots and the plane itself, rarely do we talk about the meticulous work that goes in making sure the Gripen fighters fly with utmost safety, and that itself makes this documentary special. 

The documentary takes us to the Czech Air Force Base in Caslav and shows us the inner-workings of aircraft maintenance and the team that undertakes this huge responsibility. The Czech Gripen (39.238) under the microscope is a part of the ongoing NATO Baltic Air Policing Mission and has completed over 1800 flying hours.

Meet our heroes, Martin Batrla, Warrant Officer and Aircraft Technician, and his team of technicians. The team gets a total of eight weeks to complete this task, but sometimes, the precision of the work demands for more time.

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