Gripen E Competes for Finland's HX Fighter Program

On Thursday, 31st of October, Finland issued a Request for Quotation (RFQ) for its HX Fighter Program to Saab, Boeing, Dassault, Eurofighter, and Lockheed for their fighters - Gripen, F/A-18, Rafale, Typhoon, and F-35, respectively. The RFQ includes the consolidated price of fighters, associated systems, and weapons, reports

The HX Fighter Program was set up to replace Finland’s ageing fleet of Hornets with new multi-role fighters. On 22nd April of 2016, the Finnish Defence Forces' Logistics Command sent an RFI (Request for Information) to four countries, followed by another RFI on weapons and equipment, and an RFQ in 2017 and 2018 respectively. The responses to the call for tender were received earlier this year. 

“The Advanced Call for Proposals sent now initiates the second negotiation phase, which will determine the final contents of the procurement packages with each bidder. At the end of the second negotiation phase, final bids will be requested in late 2020,” announced the Ministry of Defence on 1st of November, Friday.

Responses to the recent RFQ are to be expected by January 31st next year. 

For this fighter program, the Finnish Air Force will be evaluating each fighter’s capabilities with respect to counter-air, counter-land, counter-sea, intelligence, and surveillance and reconnaissance. The Finnish Air Force will also be assessing the fighters’ ability to upgrade as well as adapt for years to come. 

“At the end of the second negotiation phase, final bids will be requested in late 2020. The procurement decision will be made by the Government in 2021,” concludes the statement.


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