Gripen: A "One Platform" Approach For Malaysia

Saab has offered a ‘one platform’ approach with Gripen to meet the RMAF’s (Royal Malaysia Air Force) LCA (Light Combat Aircraft) and MRCA (Mult-Role Combat Aircraft) capability requirements, reports Jane’s. This is in response to the RMAF’s request for information (RFI) issued in February for the procurement of LCAs.

Saab’s offer to the Royal Malaysian Force consists of 12 Gripen aircraft- 10 Gripen C single seaters, and 2 Gripen D twin seaters.

The Royal Malaysian Air Force had previously planned on an MRCA replacement programme, according to the request of proposals issued back in 2011. The revised requirement, however, is to procure LCAs, for which Saab has offered the ‘one platform’ approach that will meet both the original and the revised requirement of the RMAF.

This requirement is in line with the RMAF’s future force structure program called “CAPP 55” (Capability 55), according to which, the RMAF’s jet fleet is planned to be equipped with two types of aircraft (LCA and MRCA) divided into five squadrons by the year 2055.

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