Four Gripen E's Enter Final Assembly

According to head of Saab's Gripen Brazil business unit, Mikael Franzén, four Gripen Es have entered final assembly, out of which one is for Brazil and three are for Sweden, reports Jane's. 

"The first test aircraft for Brazil will fly later this year while the other three aircraft will serve as validation and verification aircraft for Sweden's Gripen E programme," Franzén says.

Recently, Eddy De La Motte, Head of Gripen E Programme, also gave an update on the Gripen E production at the Gripen Seminar held in Sweden on 27th March 2019. “The production programme is coming along according to the customer’s expectations. This year, we’re going to deliver the first production aircraft to Sweden and to Brazil. We will also go through the verification and validation programme in Sweden, Linkoping,” Eddy said.

Two other test aircrafts- a reworked Gripen Demo (39-7) and the latest 39-10- will also be ready for tests by mid-year this year. 

Brazil had signed a contract for the procurement of 36 Gripen aircraft in October 2014. The last Gripen fighter will be delivered to the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) by 2024.

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