F 17 Celebrates its 75th Birthday with a Special Livery on Gripen C

Blekinge flygflottilj, aka F 17, which was established in 1944, recently turned 75. It was not until the year 2002 that two squadrons of Gripen fighters came to replace the ageing Viggen fighters. Today, F 17 is home to around 40 Gripen fighters. 

For the occasion of SwAF’s Flight day 2019 and F 17’s 75th anniversary, a special livery was made for Gripen C (39210), which is the fourth Gripen C to be manufactured. This is also the Gripen with the most flight hours in the world, with a little under 2900 hours. 

The new paint-scheme had special markings in gold that signified the history and origins of the F 17 fleet.
For instance, the letter “Q” on the top-most part of the fin represents the fleet’s number (17) on the Swedish alphabet, as Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet. It also represents the fleet’s aircrafts’ earlier code-name which started with the word “Qvintus,” as it is the code-word for the symbol “Q” in Sweden’s aviation radio phonetic alphabet.

The five aircraft painted on the side of the plane’s body are the main aircrafts that have been used at F 17 since its establishment. The number 17 on the nose of the Gripen stands for the fleet’s (F 17) number. 

The big emblem on the fin represents the F 17 's logo, as it has been since 1944.

This is also the 17th operational year of Gripen C at F 17.

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Photo: Daniel Ahlgren