Display Pilot Ivo Kardoš Shines At Open Day 2019

A few days prior to Čáslav Open Day 2019, famous Czech Gripen display pilot Ivo Kardoš talks about his experience as a display pilot, the preparation he goes through, and his recent flying displays, in an exclusive interview with afbcaslav.cz.
“I go through the whole set in my head just before the show. That's what most display pilots do. There is no time to think about anything while flying. The display has to come out exactly the way the pilot has prepared,” says Kardoš.
According to another report by afbcaslav.cz, the pinnacle of the biennial event “Open Day 2019” was the joint performance by Kardoš and Martin Šonka, (winner of the Red Bull Race and a former fighter pilot in the Czech Air Force) which received a thunderous applause and a standing ovation from the viewers.
“This is my third year as a Gripen display pilot. However, this probably is my last performance here at Čáslav Open Day 2019,” says Kardoš.
Czech Republic Air Force's biennial event 'Open Day' was held at the Čáslav airport on 25 May and attracted approximately 60,000 people.
Read the full interview here.