An Intense Arctic Fighter Meet 2019

The Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian Air Forces conducted a successful Arctic Fighter Meet from August 19-23 where SwAF Gripen fighters played a major role. The annual exercise is a part of the Nordic Defence Cooperation (NORDEFCO) where the three Air Forces come together to engage in Cross Border Training (CBT).
Arctic Fighter Meet aims to train and familiarize the young and upcoming fighter pilots of the three nations with the intricacies of international air exercises and to develop interoperability amongst the participating nations.
During the exercises, the pilots are handed several tasks ranging from fuel calculations and flight planning to performing combat missions with aircraft that have different capabilities. The pilots go through months of preparation before they can participate in the exercise.
This year’s Arctic Fighter Meet saw participation from Finnish HAWK and F18 fighters, Norwegian F16 and F35 fighters, along with the Swedish Gripen C fighters. The five-day exercise was hosted by the Norwegian Air Force at Bodø Air Base in Norway.

Click here for pictures from the exercise