Information Security

For a defence and security company, information security management is a cornerstone to build and maintain the trust of customers, authorities, owners and partners.

Taking advantage of the opportunities that new information technology offers requires that information and IT security is fully integrated with business and technological development. Information and IT security risks must be managed in the same way and with the same focus as other business risks. Continuous and systematic work with information and IT security is critical for Saab to maintain its competitiveness, profitability and trust in a challenging market and an increasingly uncertain world.

During 2016, we began the gradual implementation of the information and IT security strategy that we formulated in 2015. We completed a number of projects to identify information assets that need protection, consolidate and revise critical IT systems, and develop technical solutions that meet our needs and challenges today and in the future. As part of continuous improvements, we also focused on updating our rules and processes during the year.We continue to develop easily accessible training and information for employees, since their actions are the most important protection for our informa-tion assets. Making the right choices on a daily basis in the management of Saab’s assets is the key to maintaining a high level of security.