Trackfire - Remote Weapon Station For use on all types of military platforms


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Today’s service personnel face an ever-evolving battle environment and must react instantly to the demands of every situation. Saab provides critical solutions, capable of responding to all threats – whatever form they may take.

The family of Trackfire Remote Weapon Stations (RWS) builds on over 40 years of developing electro-optic fire control platforms for both the Land and Naval environments. Thus, Trackfire has designed for use on all types of military platforms including vehicles, vessels and static emplacements.

The operator benefits from a fully stabilised, remotely operated weapon/s and sensor system which provides cutting edge performance ….irrespective of the environment


The unique configuration of Trackfire provides a true Stabilised Independent Line Of Sight (SILOS). As the independently stabilised Sensor Module is decoupled from the weapon/s axes (and hence isolated from weapon recoil effects), the operator is able to maintain the line of sight on the target, thereby greatly reducing target acquisition times.


Furthermore, this configuration enables a target to be continuously lased during the engagement sequence; thereby providing a true comprehensive ballistic calculation including 3D target prediction.



Trackfire has been developed to integrate on to a wide range of platforms and with complimentary equipment, thereby enabling a customer to decide on the level of desired integration: from a complete standalone solution to a fully integrated, network sub-system.