Double Eagle MkII/III The cost-effective solution for organic mcm


The tasks of mine reconnaissance and mine disposal demand a multifunctional Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV). This ROV must be capable of withstanding harsh environments as well as coping with modern mines.

Saab manufactures advanced Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) systems for a wide range of naval applications, stretching from mine counter measure operations to inspection and complex underwater works.   

Double Eagle MkII/MkIII is the first choice for many navies when it comes to Mine Countermeasures (MCM).The Double Eagle is remotely operated and can be launched from a ship, shore or any craft of opportunity (COOP), helping it meet emerging demands such as for Organic MCM.

The robust design, modularity and short turn around time of the Double Eagle MkII/MkIII means it is a
highly cost-effective option, making it the best choice for MCM operators. A modular approach is used
to provide flexibility in MCM operations. The vehicle provides a hydro-dynamically stable, highly reliable
system with exceptional performance and low lifecycle cost.