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Saab´s prehospital medical system consist of modules and kits including high quality and compatible items - together with training - providing the capability to extract, move and sustain casualties in austere conditions.

  • Platform and domain independent Air/Land/Naval
  • Vendor/Supplier independent
  • Low logistics footprint combined with high uptime
  • High focus on low total cost of ownership

The Saab medical care solution is a Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) dependent flexible module based concept, focusing on the individuals working in mobile forces involved in military or humanitarian conflict. The system is interoperable with Nordic and NATO forces.


Saab is an independent system supplier and is free to choose between different products according to customer requirements. However Saab is cooperating with several major medical suppliers  which ensures that the solutions are fully interoperable with the equipment used.

This saves costs and the transition into the new solution can be made over time. The Saab added value lie in the composed system function rather than in procurement of individual pieces of equipment.


The modules are synchronized and exchangeable within the system from operators at point of injury (POI) to Role 3 functions or higher. The medical kits and modules are state of the art solutions that will remain modern and up-to-date for years to come.

We have a broad competence and long experience of working from smaller system functions up to a total system integrator, across all domains and all the way from pre-studies and procurement to phase out during the complete life cycle of a system.