RBS 70 NG New generation

The new accurate, reliable and flexible RBS 70 NG VSHORAD system with 24/7 all-target capability has been developed for any combat situation.


A new generation integrated sighting system, enhanced gunner aids, high precision, unbeatable range and unjammable laser guidance combine to produce a ground-based air-defence system with world-leading capabilities

Innovation runs in our blood

The RBS 70 NG is not just a missile system: it’s the expertise and dedication of a team with more than 50 years missile development and production experience. Their creativity and ingenuity has created a world-leading air-defence system.

We’ve been expecting you

With its modular concept and state-of-the-art technology the RBS 70 NG provides a highly flexible, scalable and long term solution to evolving GBAD requirements.


The NG sight has been specifically designed for a high degree of flexibility and modularity: in addition to the Man-Portable Air Defence System (MANPADS) configuration, the same NG sight unit can be used in remote-controlled or vehicle applications.


The modular design of the NG sight allows for integration into an almost unlimited number of vehicle types and for network integration and remote control.

New generation sight

The core of RBS 70 NG is the new generation sight module:

  • Integrated high resolution thermal imager allows for 24/7 capability.

  • Advanced cueing improves reaction times and target acquisition.

  • Auto-tracker assists the gunner during engagement, increasing the hit probability throughout the missile range.

  • Improved guidance further increases system performance both for manual and auto-tracker engagements.

  • Built-in video records for after-action review.