IRIS-T short range air-to-air missile Air-to-air supremacy


Control is everything in an air-to-air combat situation.
And control means confidence – offered by Saab's IRIS-T

Procured by six nations, The IRIS-T is a short-range, highly manoeuvrable, all-aspect air-to-air missile. A sophisticated imaging infra-red seeker, thrust-vector control and a powerful motor allows for the engagement of any target from point-blank all the way to maximum range.


Improve your capability

Compared with the preceding generation, IRIS-T is characterized by significantly increased manoeuvrability, far greater acquisition range, higher hit accuracy and warhead effectiveness, as well as considerably improved resistance to countermeasures. Even targets behind the launching aircraft can be engaged successfully by IRIS-T.

The IRIS-T programme sees the Germany, Greece, Norway, Italy, Spain and Sweden joining together to provide access to technology and expertise across Europe. Diehl BGT Defence is the Prime Contractor.