Gripen Global Support High availability – greater operational effect

Available – Gripen’s high availability leads to greater operational effect.


Deployable – Gripen’s reduced logistic footprint makes it extremely suitable for deployed operations.


Tailored – Gripen’s support solution is efficient, cost effective and tailored to customer operational requirements.


Cost effective – Gripen’s life cycle cost is the lowest of all comparable fighters.

As a supplier of advanced airborne systems, Saab is well experienced in providing operational support for, and continuously improving, the systems we supply. Designed for easy and cost effective support, the Gripen fighter has a modular structure that allows for virtually unlimited development. This in turn ensures that the support solutions we offer are equally adaptable to every customer’s specific requirements and needs.

Gripen is unique, offering moderate operational and maintenance costs that no other aircraft comes close to matching. In addition, industrial cooperation and technology transfer can be offered to each customer country.


Saab takes advantage of industry best practices in each area of expertise and provides a comprehensive portfolio of high quality support products and services with maximum added customer value.

Saab's support offer for the Gripen system includes a range of products and services e.g. technical support, maintenance, ground support equipment, component repair, services for advanced electronic systems, as well as advanced logistics supply services. We are also able to package these services into a total support solution customised to meet specific requirements.