Giraffe 8A AESA 3D long-range radar

GIRAFFE 8A AESA 3D long-range radar


  • Utilising identical antenna in fixed, transportable and mobile versions of the radar system
  • Unmatched operational performance against small targets and tactical ballistic missiles with its non-rotating mode
  • Offers enhanced real time identification and passive tracking functionality

The Giraffe 8A is a 3D Long-Range AESA radar system on the S-band, designed for the highest level of situational awareness and ballistic missile defence.


It is offered in versions for fixed, transportable and mobile applications, all providing exceptional range, search volume and multi-role capabilities, combined with outstanding operational flexibility. Today and in the future.

Long-range air surveillance / early warning identification

The capability to rapidly detect, track and report all air-breathing targets within the sensor coverage.

Ballistic missile defence operations

Detects, tracks and reports short/medium range ballistic missiles. Provides simultaneous weapons queuing and C2 reporting in order to significantly reduce time from warning to engagement.

Operational in all climate zones

Giraffe 8A is specified for operation in extreme climates, ranging from inland, coastal and hot desert to Arctic environments.


Giraffe 8A is very reliable and easy to operate. Redundant design and the AESA concept makes the time between critical failure extremely long.