Giraffe 4A radar Multi-mission surveillance

Giraffe 4A operator


Multimission flexibility - Giraffe 4A combines the battle-proven designs from the Arthur and Giraffe AMB product families with an all-new radar sensor, based on AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) technology. This new radar offers exceptional range, performance and multi-function operational flexibility in a single solution.

Giraffe 4A can act simultaneously in the following roles without performance degradation:

Air surveillance

The ability to identify and track a high number of objects simultaneously makes the system suitable for air and sea surveillance as well as military ATC.

Ground-based air defence

Tracks air targets together with identification capability to to support multiple simultaneous engagements.

Weapon locating

Tracks ballistic projectiles and calculates point of origin and point of impact for counter-battery fire or adjustment of own fire.


Sense and warn

The ability to detect and warn for small incoming ballistic objects offers valuable protection of own forces or civilian protection objects.

Operational in all climate zones

Giraffe 4A is specified for operation in extreme climates, ranging from inland, coastal and hot desert to Arctic environments.


Giraffe 4A is reliable and easy to operate. Redundant design such as the AESA concept makes the time between critical failure extremely long; >2,500 h while typical repair time is less than 45 min.

Large volume C-UAS surveillance

Features include Saab’s unique function for enhanced low, slow and small (ELSS) target detection, which provides a dedicated counter-unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) capability.


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