Gripen maritime The future of naval air power


Saab is establishing Gripen Maritime as its new generation carrier-based fighter for the future.

Featuring all the capabilities of the Gripen E, it will be the world’s most technologically advanced fighter in this category.

Ideal solution

Gripen Maritime will be an ideal solution for maritime nations seeking to augment, replace or generate new carrier-based fighter fleets. Very low maintenance requirements plus high availability offer the command an exceptional all-weather multi-role fighter.

High agility

Gripen Maritime will have high agility, extended reach, carefree manoeuvring, supercruise and full net-centric capabilities. An advanced data link and extensive electronic warfare self-protection suite can be readily adapted to meet specific user requirements.


Revolutionary avionics

Gripen Maritime will also have the latest generation Selex Raven AESA radar and superior sensor fusion, Infra-Red Search and Track, plus a revolutionary avionics architecture including ultra-fast data buses and Ethernet. The platform offers easy integration of advanced weapon systems, and the overall avionic architecture will allow for maximum future growth.