TactiCall VCS Air operations All systems - One interface


TactiCall VCS interconnects all your communication technologies regardless of radioband, frequency and hardware, thereby reducing effort and risk while increasing tempo.

The system is scalable from one to several operator positions or communication interfaces and makes up the centrepiece in remote controlled operations from single radio to complete communication solutions.

Being completely modular, TactiCall VCS will allow you to put together the functionality needed to support your operational requirements spot on. Integrating seamlessly with third party equipment, legacy or new, it will protect prior investments and prolong the lifespan of your existing systems as well.

The intuitive and modern user interface will guarantee secure and reliable operations within every operational setup, be it within Air Operational Centres (AOC), Control and Reporting Centres (CRC), Headquarters (HQ), deployable command centres and deployable command posts.

In every way TactiCall enables you to build a robust and highly survivable system with no single point of failure, which will let you handle voice and data communication, red as well as black, in a fast and efficient manner.