Remote Tower It's a new era in air traffic controL


  • Per Ahl
    Vice President Head of Marketing & Sales
    Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions
    Phone +46 73 4374479


When cost-effectiveness puts high demands on airport operations, Saab's Remote Tower is exactly what airports need in order to stay competitive and to reduce cost.

Air Navigation Service Providers, airport owners and operators, and related stakeholders are facing growing pressure to reduce their operating costs for air traffic services (ATS) services while maintaining safety and efficiency.


The Saab Remote Tower system is an integrated package of subsystems which facilitates the provision of a range of conventional ATS. High definition images and all relevant airport systems are transferred via a data network to an integrated controller working position at the Remote Tower Centre (RTC) that best suits the customer’s business model. A comprehensive suite of image enhancement tools and state of the art video compression provides optimal image resolution whilst minimising bandwidth usage.

Reduced costs

While maintaining safety and efficiency. Remote Tower enables more effective staffing for aerodrome control service and heavily reduces the costs related to building brick and mortar control towers.

Enhanced situational awareness

Even in low visibility conditions. New features such as object tracking and alerting, night vision and image enhancement, are available in this new digital environment to enhance the controller’s situational awareness.