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Remote Tower

When cost-effectiveness puts high demands on airport operations, Saab's Remote Tower is exactly what airports need in order to stay competitive and to reduce cost.


To truly ensure territorial integrity and security in today’s complex environments, airborne surveillance is crucial. So too is extended range coupled with the ability to detect low-observable air, sea and ground objects. With the new GlobalEye AEW&C solution, you get it all.


Saab will participate during Flygdagarna, which will take place at Malmen in Linköping during 27 - 28th of August. These days reflects the development of aviation from 1926 to our days. The Saab Experience is an immersive space that showcases our unique and sometimes revolutionary products.

Upcoming Events 2016

  • Sep 14


    Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD2016) is one of the world's premier Aerospace and Defence exhibition that holds a prominent position within the Aviation and Defence calendar.
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  • Oct 17

    Euro Naval

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Our thinking edge

Wings of Change

Civil aviation opens up a world of possibilities, but also consumes too much fuel and emits greenhouse gas emissions. That needs to change. Saab has designed an aircraft wing panel that reduces wind resistance and cuts fuel consumption.

Create the Globe in 3D

Bringing you Vricon, the new Joint Venture between Saab and DigitalGlobe. By combining technologies, Vricon will be able to deliver the globe in 3D at a scale never before possible through highly accurate photorealistic 3D products and elevation data of the earth. 


Latest Saab tweet


  • Saab AB
    29 August 2016

    Thank you for making the weekend in Linköping so great, we couldn't have done it without you. At our Experience pavilion we offered virtual & augmented reality, a Gripen simulator & mini-talks. #FV90 #SwAF90

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  • Saab AB
    28 August 2016

    For two days, in Linköping, the Swedish Air Force performed air displays with Viggen, Draken, Tunnan & Gripen. We attended with our Saab Experience pavilion. Here's a little something for all aviation enthusiast. #FV90 #SwAF90

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