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Kockums A26
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Saab will deliver World-class submarines To Sweden

Saab is also exploring export opportunities to provide complete submarine systems to a select number of countries.


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The world’s most modern submarine program

The A26 type submarine is the world’s most modern submarine program. It is a next-generation submarine with flexible design adaptable to most types of assignments.


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Gotland undergoes a mid-life upgrade

Two of Sweden’s Gotland-class submarines are set for a mid-life upgrade, ensuring they can meet tomorrow’s challenges.


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9LV Combat management system

Saab’s combat management system 9LV has been delivered to more than 230 vessels throughout the world. The Mk 4 generation of the renowned 9LV CMS brings you all the ship sensors, weapons and communications into a single, highly-integrated entity at your fingertips.


Other Saab Products

remote tower

When cost-effectiveness puts high demands on airport operations, Saab's Remote Tower is exactly what airports need in order to stay competitive and to reduce cost.

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Saab the company

Saab serves the global market with world-leading products, services and solutions from military defence to civil security. Learn more about our Company on



Our thinking edge

Watch the new Gripen video

When it comes to fighter development, at Saab we have our own philosophy. Using technology and a different way of thinking, we have redefined what a fighter aircraft can be. We call it Gripen. Speed, strength and intelligence are its key components. In this way, it is perfectly balanced.


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Create the Globe in 3D

Bringing you Vricon, the new Joint Venture between Saab and DigitalGlobe. By combining technologies, Vricon will be able to deliver the globe in 3D at a scale never before possible through highly accurate photorealistic 3D products and elevation data of the earth. 

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Saab main events

  • Sep 15


    At this year’s DSEi, Saab will exhibit our latest detection solutions.
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  • Oct 6


    Held in the heart of Sydney this year’s PACIFIC 2015 will feature a showcase of Saab’s innovation in naval systems.
    6 October 2015 Add to calendar
  • Nov 2

    Defense & Security

    Saab will be participating in full strength at Defence & Security 2015, Asia's most important military event, between 2-5 November.
    2 November 2015 Add to calendar


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  • Strategically important in a nation’s defence, submarines are designed to operate for decades in challenging environments whilst remaining adaptable to the tide of technology and future threats.

  • The A26 type submarine for the Swedish Navy is the world’s most modern submarine program. It is a next-generation submarine with a flexible design that is adaptable for both littoral operations and ocean-going capabilities.

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