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In land-combat and asymmetric warfare situations, decisions and actions based on real-time information are critical. Every second is vital in gaining an information advantage that enables information superiority. Sensors are important components in the information structure, providing control of the situation.


To truly ensure territorial integrity and security in today’s complex environments, airborne surveillance is crucial. So too is extended range coupled with the ability to detect low-observable air, sea and ground objects. With the new GlobalEye AEW&C solution, you get it all.

Kockums A26

Kockums A26 is the world's most modern submarine program for the Swedish Navy - a unique submarine with proven modular design, silent long-endurance submerged performance and excellent manoeuvrability in all waters.

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Wings of Change

Civil aviation opens up a world of possibilities, but also consumes too much fuel and emits greenhouse gas emissions. That needs to change. Saab has designed an aircraft wing panel that reduces wind resistance and cuts fuel consumption.

Create the Globe in 3D

Bringing you Vricon, the new Joint Venture between Saab and DigitalGlobe. By combining technologies, Vricon will be able to deliver the globe in 3D at a scale never before possible through highly accurate photorealistic 3D products and elevation data of the earth. 

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  • Saab AB
    22 July 2016

    “All my senses have now been trõpiçalízed in one way or another, from playing drums with students at the University of São Paulo to understanding the Brazilian business environment.” Read more about the trõpiçalízation of our Saab graduates Ebba and Johannes during their adventure in Brazil.

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  • Saab AB
    21 July 2016

    We had a strong cash flow Jan-June 2016 due to large payments received related to Gripen and GlobalEye. Q2 interim report is out now. #Q2Report

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News and press releases


  • Saab’s Digital Tower Solution is the first remote digital air traffic solution in operation in the world. But what does it mean for an airport to be remote?  And what difference can it make?

  • With a new weapons system, enhanced protection for the pilot and longer service intervals MS20 gives a real boost to the entire Gripen platform.

  • Air forces all over the world are facing an increased number of international assignments, such as disaster relief and peace keeping missions. Add the everyday responsibility to maintain national sovereignty and it’s easy to see that new requirements are put into play.