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To truly ensure territorial integrity and security in today’s complex environments, airborne surveillance is crucial. So too is extended range coupled with the ability to detect low-observable air, sea and ground objects. With the new GlobalEye AEW&C solution, you get it all.

Kockums A26

Kockums A26 is the world's most modern submarine program for the Swedish Navy - a unique submarine with proven modular design, silent long-endurance submerged performance and excellent manoeuvrability in all waters.


The underwater Improvised Explosive Device (IED) represents a growing terrorist threat, both globally and for the US domestic maritime domain.

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Wings of Change

Civil aviation opens up a world of possibilities, but also consumes too much fuel and emits greenhouse gas emissions. That needs to change. Saab has designed an aircraft wing panel that reduces wind resistance and cuts fuel consumption.

rEvIBE Energy

Imagine that you are driving a car, you hear something rattling. You get a little irritated and want to find out what is making the sound to silence it. But there are those who instead are interested in the rattling sound since it implies that there are vibrations, vibrations that can be used for creating energy.


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  • A modern fighter aircraft will have an operational life of thirty to forty years, perhaps more. This poses a great challenge for air forces. How can you maintain technological superiority over the fighter’s entire life in service? Especially when engineering capabilities are becoming more widely available, to both friends and foes, and technology takes greater leaps much faster.

  • From top-of-the-class in the United States to test pilot at Saab: Marcus Wandt is one of the chosen few whose job it is to get Gripen E ready for its maiden flight.

  • Navies and coast guards are facing new challenges and emphasis is shifting towards littoral operations and self defence capabilities. In areas like the Arabian Gulf, with intense maritime traffic, coast guards need to be prepared for threats such as missiles, helicopters and unmanned aircraft systems that are not only becoming faster but also smaller. There is also the challenge of dealing with asymmetric threats from pirates and terrorists.