For seventy-five years Saab has been developing technology aimed at creating a safer and more confident society. Today, this experience is utilized into a wide range of affordable, net centric security solutions that can radically improve your capabilities within areas such as Critical Infrastructure Protection, Emergency Response, and Guard and Event

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Air Traffic Management

Saab offers a wide range of solutions designed to support air transportation players in optimizing and securing the different sectors of air transportation covering traffic management, airport support, security and solutions providing net centric capabilities.

Airport Security


Saab’s Airport Security concept is a complete security solution that covers all the needs of an airport, from perimeter protection to luggage surveillance. By creating a common infrastructure for all surveillance equipment into a command and control system, a common situational picture is created.


Communication Solutions


Saab specializes in designing, building and developing fully secure, high availability networks for the oil and gas domain. Through flexible and scalable modules, Saab will ensure information distribution through the backbone and access layers utilizing optical, electrical and/or microwave media and technologies such as WDM, SDH, PDH or IP including possible multi technology integration towards customer’s existing environment.

Energy Production and Distribution Security

Saab has extensive experiences from the development of robust and reliable security solutions. Our know-how in combination with future safe state-of-the-art technologies, qualifies us as an ideal partner for any energy production organisation.

Oil & Gas Industry


Oil and gas installations cover large areas both onshore and offshore. They are linked together by networks of pipelines and support facilities spread throughout an area. This means the infrastructure is vulnerable to natural threats and exposed to sabotage.

Energy Distribution


Saab offers a complete security solution that meets governmental regulation regarding energy distribution and that covers the entire area of distribution.

Energy Production


Saab’s security solutions cover all surrounding areas, above as well as below the surface, and meet governmental regulation on nuclear energy production.

Field Facilities Solutions

Saab provides complete turnkey solutions for a range of field facilities, comprising of everything from complete camp or medical care solutions to equipment, and operations and maintenance services.

Camp Solutions


Saab’s camp solutions are geared to meet the needs and requirements of peacekeeping and expeditionary forces, as well as civil emergency, rescue and safety organisations and authorities.

Industrial quality testing

Saab's Industrial quality testing offer includes Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH) solutions with focus on industrial applications for quality testing and machine monitoring.

Noise Vibration Harshness


Noise Vibration Harshness (NVH) focuses on industrial applications for quality testing and machine monitoring. Our highly qualified and experienced engineers support customers in sound and vibration analysis with a complete product range of system technique and service.

Land Transport and Urban Security

Saab offers a wide range of intelligent transport systems – traffic management, traffic information, urban security and public transport systems – designed to improve security and efficiency without compromising the ease of use that society depends upon daily.

Urban Security Solutions


To support our customers in securing and safeguarding the urban traffic and transportation infrastructure, Saab provides solutions such as command and control systems, robust communications, surveillance sensors, access and perimeter control, security networks and solutions for the transportation of cash and valuables.

Maritime Traffic Management

Safety and efficiency are two keywords for Saab’s maritime traffic management business. Our software solutions are used on ships, in ports and around coasts throughout the world. Others who need this detailed information include pilots and dredging ships, oil pipeline inspections and wreck surveys. 


Marine geomatics


Commercial, academic and government clients use the Fledermaus software worldwide. They use the software to interact with massive geographical datasets of numerous data types for ocean mapping and land-based projects.



Ships continue to increase in size, whereas waterway infrastructure often stays the same for years on end. This means that the margin for error rapidly decreases, sometimes even down to decimeters on either side of a 200 m ship. Precise navigation becomes increasingly critical to ensure safe and efficient shipping.

Search and Rescue


When an accident occurs at sea, time is absolutely critical. Synchronization and coordination needs to run efficiently from the moment the alarm sounds until the mission is completed.

Coastal Surveillance


A coastal area can be subject to a great number of threats such as illegal immigration, smuggling, illegal fishing, oil spills, and in some parts of the world, piracy.

Port Security Solutions


Saab’s port solution includes monitoring vessels and securing the port against threats, all to keep traffic running smoothly. The combination of advanced technology and an efficient workflow support can also increase personnel effectiveness.

National Security

Saab’s solutions for Threat Analysis, Crisis Management and Communication support and strengthen the development of preventive capabilities, as well as the ability to respond in all situations, from day-to-day operations to genuine crisis situations.

Critical Infrastructure Protection


Offshore Industry

Today, the industry demands versatile, remotely operated vehicles for every kind of underwater work.

When new oil and gas platforms are brought into operation, or when maintenance and security solutions on existing platforms are in the planning stages of construction, there will be an ever greater demand for underwater security solutions and highly versatile, robust vehicles for underwater work. Saab offers a range of solutions designed to meet these needs.

Underwater System Solutions


Controlling the underwater domain is vital for safeguarding the maritime environment. Saab’s underwater security system is a modularized, scalable and fully integrated solution.

Integrated Control Room Operations


Police and Rescue

Saab’s offer include solutions designed to support Special Police Forces, Police Strategic Command, Rescue Services and Fire Brigades in establishing and maintaining a common understanding of the situation between command centres and mobile units.



Training and Simulation


Saab provides realistic, high quality training for police and special forces, civilian emergency preparedness, power plant protection and Coast Guard harbour protection.

Force Protection


Saab offers a unique package of force protection solutions. These solutions are used by Civil as well as Armed Forces around the world facing various kinds of challenges, such as threats from terrorists and other enemies of the civil society.

Emergency Response


Saab offers systems to efficiently lead and coordinate operations. The systems offer team leaders access to maps, force locations, real time communication and information solutions, making it possible to monitor and coordinate forces.

Rescue Service


For rescue services, time often means lives. By extension, effective communication tools can help save time and in so doing, save lives.

Strategic Command


The higher chain of command requires up-to-date reports about on-going activities in the field.

Police and Rescue


Special police units depend upon precision. The ability to coordinate operations and to respond quickly is crucial. Common situational awareness is therefore of vital importance.

Prison Security

By combining robust and reliable integration platforms with command & control systems, we empower our customers with a higher level of situational awareness, enabling rapid responses to incidents as well as improved efficiency and security.

Tracking Solutions


Our offering includes solutions for indoor positioning of guards as well as inmates. The tracking solution also improves the ability to secure the transportation of inmates outside the prisons. GPS alarms and trackers for personnel security can also be connected.

Security Management Solutions


Saab’s civil command & control systems provide the user with capabilities to lead the organization with accurate information at every command level and location, both inside and outside the facility. Between the command centre and mobile field–clients, information can be distributed fast and efficiently using secure and encrypted technology

Net Centric Prison Security


The net centric solution for correctional facilities is an integration platform that allows various kinds of systems and equipment to cooperate and interact over a network – regardless of physical location or supplier.

Support and Services

Great support solutions demand excellence every step of the way. Saab has extensive experience of providing long-term and complex infrastructure support solutions.

Special Products and Services


Saab’s support concept involves all phases of the system or platform life-cycle; from preliminary studies, procurement support, system integration, test and verification to fully embedded in-service support, modifications and end-life management services.

A Complete Support Concept


Competitive support solutions are vital for creating and maintaining successful operations. We provide a high quality, fully integrated life cycle-based support concept.