About Saab Sensis

Part of Saab Group's Air Traffic Management product area, Saab Sensis provides solutions for the global air defense, air traffic control, and airline and airport operations markets.

The company brings together decades of advanced radar, sensor and related expertise to meet the changing needs of the global aviation markets. We are a leading provider of surveillance, information technology, and simulation and modeling for the aviation industry, with customers that include air traffic service providers, civil aviation authorities, airports, airlines and system integrators.

Incorporated in the United States with its headquarters in Syracuse, New York, Saab Sensis is integrated into Saab Group's Air Traffic Management product area within our Surveillance business area. Our employees serve a global client base of military, civil aviation, airport and airline customers in more than 35 countries across six continents. We are actively involved in industry organizations and working groups worldwide, helping to address critical issues and develop innovative, real-world solutions.

Saab Sensis maintains a strong quality policy. We are dedicated to delighting our customers by providing the highest quality products and services.



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