Over 30 years we've forged many long-standing partnerships and mutual connections with Australian business, industry and our local communities.

Saab actively works with industries and communities in the markets and places we operate which builds familiarity and confidence in our operations and supports the systems that support our workforce, our employees. We have a clear policy to use local suppliers and subcontractors wherever possible to develop Australian industry capability.

Community programs we choose to support are always closely linked to the business where we can increase security; create economic growth; innovation and employment opportunities.

On an annual basis we ask our employees to nominate three not-for-profit organisations they care about (one each that supports people, animals and the environment) to receive a sizable donation from our Community Care program.  Ladder, Fauna Rescue and Conservation Council were selected the recipients for 2016.

Our focus for the future is to have our employees foster an interest in technology among youth, for example, through the Subs in Schools program, engineering outreach, and mentoring graduates in our graduate and scholarship programs. We believe that contributing to knowledge development benefits society as a whole, not just Saab.