About Saab Australia

Saab Australia belongs to the Saab Group which employs 14,000 people worldwide. We develop defence and civil security solutions to keep people and society safe.

Our world-class employees are constantly challenged to break new ground. By thinking innovatively we’re pushing intellectual and technological boundaries – keeping us ahead of today’s complex defence and security challenges. This thinking relies on drive, expertise and trust – our core values which see us work collaboratively and pragmatically with customers and partners. But it’s the products and solutions emerging from this thinking that give us a distinct advantage over our competitors – our thinking edge.


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Based in Adelaide, Saab Australia is the Defence, Security and Traffic Management solutions provider specialising in computer based command and control systems.


Working at Saab, you'll be involved in leading-edge software development, producing high-technology applications that are world firsts. Working with leaders in the field, you'll have the chance to work on key, challenging projects.


Our latest image collections are published on Flickr where you can view and download images, wallpaper and digital posters for your personal use.