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More than ninety per cent of the goods transports in the world are shipped. That means that many of the things on our dinner tables, in our homes and in our workplaces arrived by boat. And perhaps these were offloaded in a port near you.

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    Pinpoints an object the size of a coin from 60 km. One reason the Rep. of Korea uses Arthur along the DMZ #ADEX2017
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    @byMBDA The PFS detects the target and calculates the optimum time to detonate the warhead in order to achieve maximum effect!
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    @byMBDA The order comprises deliveries of radar proximity fuze subsystems (PFS) for Meteor. Do you know what PFS does?


  • Saab AB
    20 lokakuuta 2017

    It can pinpoint an object the size of a coin from 60 km away. Just one reason the Republic of Korea Army is using our Arthur weapon-locating system along the DMZ. Learn how it’s keeping people and society safe.

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  • Saab AB
    19 lokakuuta 2017

    The SK 60 trainer aircraft was produced in the early sixties. Since then generations of pilots have racked up many hours in its seats before flying Gripen. Learn what it takes to keep the SK 60 flying for many more years to come.

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