Advanced-Surface Movement Guidance & Control System (A-SMGCS) Airport safety and efficiency under all conditions


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Saab’s A-SMGCS (Advanced – Surface Movement Guidance & Control System) is the most widely deployed airport surface safety system.

Based on years of experience and refinements from over 100 world-wide deployments, Saab’s A-SMGCS provides precise situational awareness and advanced safety nets capabilities that improve safety and efficiency at many of the world’s busiest airports.


Saab’s A-SMGCS is a proven, reliable and standards compliant system that provides surveillance on the runway, taxiways, stands, and on approach. It enhances a controller’s ability to manage airport traffic in all visibility and weather conditions.


It is a turnkey solution that includes a full suite of cooperative and non-cooperative sensors, data processing and display equipment.

It features an intuitive and easy to use Controller Working Position (CWP) that displays an integrated ground/air traffic picture. The CWP tailors the information that is presented based on roles and areas of responsibility, reducing a controller’s workload.


It is a flexible and scalable solution that can be integrated with many ATM or airport systems, and can grow to accommodate changing airport needs.

It is ready to provide higher level A-SMGCS capabilities, including the newest PCP compliant safety nets and routing functions as well as a guidance capability (‘follow the greens”).

Saab’s A-SMGCS can be delivered as a stand-alone solution, and also seamlessly integrates with other components of Saab’s Integrated ATC Suite (I-ATS), providing a solid foundation towards a full-featured integrated working position.