Arthur Weapon locating system

Arthur Weapon Locating System


Arthur is a highly mobile weapon locating system, tactically deployed close to the forward line of own troops. Within the battlefield sectors or areas of interest it will rapidly detect and track artillery projectiles and calculate points of origin and points of impact.

  • Superior mobility
  • Single vehicle configuration
  • Deploys in less than 2 minutes


Based on these calculations priorities are made and directions are provided for effective counter-battery fire. In fire control mode, Arthur will track the projectiles of own fire and extrapolate the points of impact. In sense & warn mode, extrapolation of points of impact of incoming fire will trigger timely warning to own troops.

Key operational advantages

Enables accurate counter-battery fire within seconds

  • Covers a distance of 60 km and can report >100 targets/min
  • Provides adjustment of own fire
  • Provides warning of incoming fire
  • Offers battle-proven high reliability and maintainability