Business-driven relationships for long-term mutual benefits

Saab provides industrial cooperation involving maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), production, training, operations and R&D in the form of business and technology transfer. This is performed through the direct participation of our customers’ own national industry in the production and development of the contracted system, or other products from the portfolios of Saab and its partners.


Long term solutions

At Saab, we believe that investing in your nation’s security should be an investment in your future too. It should also cultivate independence and generate economic and industrial growth. When we partner with our customer countries, we make this progress possible through cooperation and long-lasting relationships.


Proud to be part of your future

Over the years, Saab has built its success on developing mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships with local stakeholders in countries where we operate. We collaborate closely with businesses and industries to ensure our products and solutions are specifically adapted to local and international requirements. This is integral to our operations – and our proven track record for industrial cooperation in over 30 countries speaks for itself.


With Saab as your partner, you will join forces with a group of dedicated professionals, committed to pushing technological boundaries to ensure they meet your every need. Accompanied by a powerful network of global business partners and the full support of the Swedish government, Saab is here to support you every step of the way. We’re proud to be part of your future.



Learn more about our Industrial co-operation philosophy

Gripen Transfer of technology program for Brazil

The acquisition of 36 Gripen E/F fighter aircraft by the Brazilian Government will provide additional benefits than the expansion of the operational capability of the Brazilian Air Force. It includes the transfer of super-sonic fighter technology through dedicated industrial co-operation projects with Brazilian beneficiaries.



Brazilian Air Force and Brazilian industry have partnered with the Swedish Air Force and Saab in the design, development and integration of future technology programmes for the Gripen E. Early Brazilian involvement in the Gripen E design and development will give the Brazilian Air Force and industry unrivalled access to all levels of technology now and for the future.


Production and maintenance

The commitment to Brazilian aerospace includes the option for manufacturing of Gripen E parts and assemblies and Gripen E Final assembly in Brazil. The maintenance concept is tailored to meet the requirements and capabilities of the Brazilian Industry and the FAB through:

  • Extensive co-operation with Brazilian Industry partners with a common goal to establish a Gripen E maintenance centre in Brazil ensuring future national autonomy
  • Extensive usage of existing Brazilian infra-structure securing cost savings and ensuring commonality

Industrial cooperation - Gripen C/D countries

Gripen C/D fighters are currently in-service with two NATO member nations - Czech Republic and Hungary, as well as South Africa and Thailand. Gripen with its inherent growth capability will remain the backbone of these air forces for the next 30 + years. For most existing and future users of the Gripen fighter, industrial cooperation has and will continue to play an important role in many aspects, not the least for such nation’s overall industrial growth. The potential for the buying country includes economic values such as development of new products, finding new customers, increased revenues, creation of jobs and technology transfer.


A number of considerations must be made before entering into an industrial cooperation agreement. These aim to evaluate the overall cost and proceeds of an industrial cooperation with regard to various activities such as technology transfer, supporting the country's industry to promote exports as well as different types of purchases.


One of the main reasons why Saab over the years has been so successful in this area of expertise is that industrial cooperation forms a natural and integral part of any new business initiative. We have a broad range of industrial partners and suppliers and a long tradition of successful industrial cooperation. Together with these, we offer long-term strategic industrial cooperation aimed at creating sustainable high tech jobs, transferring technology and generating sustainable export business.