Ground Combat Systems: Anticipate Tomorrow Ground Combat Systems: Anticipate Tomorrow

Ground combat – Carl Gustaf

Every day brings new challenges in the ground combat arena, especially in urban terrain. Dismounted troops must be prepared for a wide range of unpredictable conflicts and environments, and to achieve their objectives no matter what.

When it comes to meeting their challenge, troops must have the ability to counter any threat, whether at close range or further afield. Firepower, flexibility and ease of use are key to achieving mission success. According to Ola Rignell, Chairman and Managing Director, Saab India, “When developing technologies, we focus on smarter solutions and enhanced capabilities. Saab is continuously developing the capabilities of its ground combat weapon range, providing whatever is needed to meet the demands of our customers.
Some key products that fall under Saab’s Ground Combat portfolio are the Carl-Gustaf® Systems, AT4 and NLAW.

The Carl-Gustaf M4 (CG M4)- The Flexible Multipurpose Weapon: Tactical flexibility becomes key to success when modern infantry forces get deployed in urban or complex combat environments as part of anti-insurgency or peacekeeping operations as well as traditional force-on-force conflict scenarios.

The Carl-Gustaf system has a long and distinguished history, but that does not stop the system from continuing successes. In 2018 Saab announced its tenth customer for the latest version of the system, the Carl-Gustaf M4. Since the introduction of the M1 models in 1948, Carl-Gustaf has become one of the most reliable and battle-proven weapons system in modern military history. CG M4 builds on the system’s already notable flexibility, offering a higher degree of accuracy, lighter construction and compatibility with future innovations.

Weighing less than seven kilograms, CG M4 prides itself as being lighter, better, and faster. Bo Thorn, Head of FFV Ordnance explains, “one of the main drivers of the M4’s innovations is the immense burden today’s soldiers face.
They need to carry radios, batteries, assault weapons, backpacks and water systems, so any weight we can shave off is going to make a huge difference.” With a lighter build, intelligent sight, improved ergonomics, reduced action time, round counter and unique flexibility, the CG M4 has emerged as a winning concept that continues to always fits effortlessly into the arsenal of modern dismounted soldiers.

Next Generation Light Antitank Weapon (NLAW) - The optimal anti-tank weapon: Today´s tanks and armored vehicles are fast, manoeuvrable, well-armoured and equipped with multiple defense systems.

The modern battle tank is capable of changing the outcome on a battlefield by its sheer presence. NLAW is a unique missile system that has been optimised to defeat tanks and other armoured vehicles. NLAW was  developed  for  the  British  and  Swedish  need  to  give individual soldiers the  ability to  stop  a  modern tank  in all conflict  situations and environments.

NLAW is a top-attack, PLOS-guided, fire-and-forget missile, in a disposable launch-tube. NLAW is handled and employed by just one person and can be fired from confined spaces. Its effective range is from 20 to 800 metres; well-matched to the individual soldier's ‘fighting distamce’. The maximum firing range is 1000 m beyond which the missile is designed to auto-destruct. An NLAW requires no target lock-on or IR signature before firing.

AT4 Family- To remain operational and effective, today’s dismounted forces need ground combat systems designed to meet the requirements of highly specialized missions. The new generation of AT4 shoulder-launched single-shot support weapons is a result of Saab’s robust thinking.

The AT4 family provides three variations that meet the changing needs of ground forces. Present in more than 15 countries worldwide, the system is combat-proven and provides the extended range required for mission success, including night capacity and confined space capabilities. The product range includes anti-armour, anti-structure and anti-personnel/high explosive roles. With identical handling across all products, the AT4 family offers maximum versatility and ease of use- whatever the task.

Ensuring long-term combat superiority, Saab’s products and services cover the entire life cycle and objectives of military efficiency to meet all demands, expectations and precise needs of a customer or partner – before, during and after any mission as well as support for the entire supply chain.