Solutions for Realistic Training

Saab’s broad portfolio of Training & Simulation systems are highly relevant to the Indian environment. The Ground Combat Indoor Trainer is a highly realistic virtual shooting simulator that enables personnel to practice and hone shooting skills on a simulated live firing range or an operational area, using replica or appended weapons that accurately simulate ballistic performance and recoil. The system has a simulated performance that matches range and field environments.

The system can be used to train a range of weapons from pistols, assault rifles, heavy machine guns, anti-tank weapons, mortars and Stinger anti-aircraft like weapons. Training weapons are designed as per specific customer requirements either as modified originals or full replicas, and maintain the physical size and shape, weight and balance, and closely simulate the recoil. The recoil simulation also simulates ammunition jams, stoppages, and last round and accurately simulates aim-point throw with each shot. Sensors provide direct feedback on weapon status including trigger, bolt and hammer positions, safety catch position, weapon stability, cant, trigger pressure and pull. Weapon accessories such as night vision, thermal imaging, sights and grenade launchers can be realistically accommodated by the system.

Driving Simulators are an important and necessary component in the training and education of drivers. With full-size replicas of the driver’s cabin and a realistic virtual environment, Saab’s driving simulators are as close to the real experience as possible. The trainer covers several training levels from the basic familiarization of the driver compartment controls to the handling of the vehicle in challenging traffic situations or all-terrain environments.

Integrated with other virtual systems to form an integrated training solution, it even provides effective crew and tactical training.

The driving simulator has a 6 degrees-of-freedom motion system and force feed-back for the steering wheel, pedals and other levers. The seats are fitted with a vibration system for realistic motion during driving and for main gun recoil simulation. To maximize the training value, the driver has an outlook into a realistic virtual environment. The driver can drive the vehicle with open or closed hatch and by using actual NVG equipment.

For advanced driver training and to enhance the driving experience, the geographic location, time of day, weather conditions and other parameters can be adjusted to meet the training requirements.

Training in the simulated environment will ensure drivers are well prepared and confident in their skills prior to continuing with on-the-road and in-the-terrain training in real vehicles.